Atlantic City 2020

Collectively organized event - Showboat Hotel.

Welcome to ACES. We have worked to create a unique and enjoyable experience for the motor sports enthusiast. You could say a little something for everyone. The collaborative creation of this event will embrace all different genres of vehicles. From Tuners to Classics, Exotics, Trucks, Jeeps, Trucks, Pro Street, Euro, Pro Touring and Customs. A true melting pot.

In 2020 we have a great start from what we started in 2019. We must give credit to one of the original creators of this event Shawn Baker. He was one of the greatest car event producer’s, builder’s and friends to many in the custom automotive scene. We lost Shawn tragically in August 2019; this event is dedicated to him. He was also very integral in the all dynamics of this show.

This year we have four specific things that make ACES unique.

SHOW AT THE SHOWBOAT * Indoor and Outdoor *

TARMAC ATTACK * Course Driving *

PARKING GARAGE MEET * Gathering of the Culture*


-Show at the Showboat Indoor: This is inside the Showboat on the old casino floor. With the neon lights’ intact and the casino carpet, the ambiance of this venue sets the tone for an art gallery of custom creations. Cars will load in on Friday and the show is Saturday and Sunday. Judging and Awards.

-Show at the Showboat Outdoor: Beautifully located right next to the beach. Allows the enthusiast to chill in a parking lot atmosphere, with club parking and the ability to come and go as you wish to be a part of the other ACES activities, such as the parking garage meet and Tarmac Attack. Judging and Awards.

-Tarmac Attack: Tarmac attack is a great extension of the automotive enthusiast appetite. This part of the event will allow drivers to push their cars and skills to the limit. Think about driving on an abandoned airfield 6 min away from the main show at Bader Field.

-Parking Garage Meet: The seven-story parking garage allows for the ultimate ACES after party and your car is invited. DJ, plenty of space, beautiful view of the city.

-Treads in the Sand: New this year! Treads in the Sand is oceanfront sand lot adjacent to the Showboat hotel and the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Its a big sand box to show off your 4x4s, Jeeps, FJs, Trucks, SUV’s and more! All makes and models welcome. If it can drive on sand it can be apart of this show. Bring it!

Judging and awards will be handled by eJudged, a nationally recognized professional judging group.

It’s the ultimate enthusiast weekend of fun. Be a part of a unique collaborative event created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts! See you at ACES 2020!

Be sure to follow ACES for more info:

Instagram: @aces_ac_event

Facebook: /AtlanticCityEnthusiastSummit

Email: info@aces-ac.com

With accommodations priced affordably at the Showboat you can’t have a more convenient and affordable automobile experience.

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Schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates.


Friday   09:00 AM 

Indoor Show Vehicle Check-In (Optional)

Check in at Exterior lot.

Indoor vehicles with displays, we suggest Friday Roll-in.

Friday   09:00 AM 

Vendor Check-In & Set-Up (Optional)

Check in at Exterior lot.

Indoor Vendors, we suggest Friday Set-Up.

Friday   09:00 PM 

Friday Night Roll-In Ends


Saturday   07:00 AM 

Vendor Check-In & Set-up

Exterior lot, Indoor & Outdoor Showfields

Saturday   08:00 AM 

Show Vehicle Check-In

Exterior lot, Indoor & Outdoor Showfields (including Treads in the Sand).

Saturday   9:30 AM 

Bader Field Activations Open

Tarmac Attack vehicle course on abandoned air strip.

Saturday   11:00 AM 

Event Roll-In Ends

Exterior lot, Indoor & Outdoor Showfields

Saturday  11:00 AM 

Event Open to the Public

Spectator gates - Showboat Parking Garage Lower Levels

Saturday  06:00 PM 

Bader Field Activations Closed

Saturday  06:00 PM 

Indoor & Outdoor Shows Closed

Round 1 of Judging Selections Complete. Top 21 & Wildcard

Saturday  10:30 PM - 12:30 AM 

Kick-Off Garage Meet

DJ on the rooftop - Showboat Parking Garage Upper Levels


Sunday 9:30 AM 

Bader Field Activations Open

Tarmac Attack vehicle course on abandoned air strip

Sunday 11:00 AM 

Day 2 Show Open to public

Indoor "Lucky 7" Final Vehicle Selections Unveiled.

Sunday 12:00 PM 

Lucky 7 Vehicle Peer Builder Judging

Vehicle Builders/Owners will judge each others vehicles.

Sunday  02:00 PM 

Treads in the Sand Show Awards Ceremony

Side Parking Lots - Outdoor Stage Area.

Sunday  02:30 PM 

Outdoor Beach Front Car Show Awards Ceremony

Side Parking Lots - Outdoor Stage Area.

Sunday 03:30 PM 

Indoor Car Show Awards Ceremony

• Top 21 + High Rollers Specialty Awards

• "Lucky 7" Finalists + Best of Show

• Old Casino Floor - Indoor Stage Area

Sunday 04:00 PM 

ACES Event Closed.

Thanks For Coming. We hope you enjoyed your stay.